Richmond Publishing A5 flyer

A5 2pp flyer to promote the latest editions of Richmond's ELT course The Big Picture.

CABI Africa dossier

A 74pp dossier profiling CABI's research projects across Africa.

Macmillan Publishing Global brochure

Updates to 16pp Global ELT brochure for Macmillan Education publishing.

CABI poster

A0 poster design for CABI.

Macmillan Publishing Straightforward brochure

16pp brochure for Macmillan Education's Straightforward course.

Centre Linguista Canada A3 brochure

A3 'tabloid' style brochure, in both English and French, for Canadian language school Centre Linguista.

Richmond publishing 4pp flyer

A 4pp flyer for Richmond's new grammar and vocabulary books.

CABI Asia dossier

A dossier profiling CABI's research projects across Asia.

Africa Soil Health Consortium newsletter

A quarterly 16pp newsletter for the Africa Soil Health Consortium (ASHC).